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Daikin Air Purifier Negative Ions

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Close to the air you breathe in nature
Clean air made even fresher with the press of a switch. Daikin air filters pump out negative ions per cubic meter of air.  Negative ions, which are normally quite vulnerable and easily eliminated, spread to the corners of your room and restore a favourable overall ion balance to your surroundings.

What are negative ions?
Positive ions attract atmospheric pollutants, particles of house dust and other harmful airborne matter into interior spaces and keep them there.  Negative ions, which are abundant in natural places, such as forests, waterfalls, and the seaside, cancel the effects of positive ions and clean the air.

Please Note:
The Daikin Air Purifiers Photocatalytic system uses a "clean technology" which does not emit harmful ozone, or generate waste. All captured molecules are rendered harmless by this technology.

The Ion Generator can be switched off if required.






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Daikin Air Purifier Negative Ions

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