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The Daikin MC70L has the BAF Seal of Approval

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The Daikin MC706VM Filter Process

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Six-layer powerful decomposition and removal system

MC70L Air Purifier Replacement Filters

Economical Filter
When the Daikin MC70l / Siesta MC70SS air filter replacement indicator turns on, you throw away the old filter.  To maintain deodorising power and dust-collecting performance, all you have to do is replace the old filter with a new filter.

Since the air purifier comes with 5 filters included, a clean new filter can be installed every two years and you still won't need to buy one for 10 years.

Once-a-year filter replacement is just a guide. Replacement time will differ depending on how the unit is used and where it is located. The replacement period may be shorter if the unit is used in a location where the air is very polluted. Calculation of filter life is based on 10 cigarettes/day being smoked in the room. (Results based on testing carried out in accordance with Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association JEM1467 standard.) NOTE: The filter is unable to decompose all harmful substances such as carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke.

Click here to buy replacement filters.

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Daikin MC70LVM Air Purifier Filter Process

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